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  • Somatics Changed My Life

    Last year was an interesting year for me. I was introduced to the world of somatic experiencing by a very good friend and it has changed everything for me. There is a range of somatic methods and applications and at the core of them is the concept that we are a full being and our…

  • Working with a Personal Trainer

    Working with a Personal Trainer

    One thing I’ve done recently that had a big impact on my health was to work with a personal trainer (online). I wasn’t really sure what that would be like so I thought I’d share why I found one to work with and how that went for me in case others are curious. Why a…

  • Two Years of Healthy Changes

    Two Years of Healthy Changes

    Two years ago today I started yet another new exercise plan. I’d been stopping and starting with exercise over the previous year, but I just hadn’t been able to get it to stick. This time however, I’ve managed to keep it going. I’ve done some form of exercise at least 3 days a week for…

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